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The foundation of the stable development of the Company is open and responsible personnel management. We appreciate professionalism and each employee’s contribution to attainment of common goals of Izhorskiye Zavody JSC.

The aim of the personnel policy is to create conditions for implementation of business strategy of Izhorskiye Zavody JSC by means of competitive personnel.

The main tasks:

Provision of the Company with personnel possessing the required professional qualification skills to meet manufacturing requirements and corporate business tasks.

Uplift of the personnel to the level of the best corporate standards

Formation of personnel motivation tool and improvement of the existing corporate culture and policy, aiming at effective personnel management.

Creation of social responsibility relationships in the Company for implementation of the business strategy.

The main principles of Izhorskiye Zavody JSC in personnel management:

  • Social responsibility of the Employer
  • High corporate standards of the Employer
  • Personnel-oriented approach
  • Team work
  • Competency and leadership

In accordance with the company compensation policy for expansion of benefits and increase of social security, the employees are provided with the following:

  • Voluntary health insurance
  • Catering services for company employees
  • Arrangement of personnel transport to the work site and compensation of expenses for railway transport
  • Aid payments
  • Recreation for children
  • Sports activities
  • Implementation of housing provision program
  • Social protection for labour veterans