1722 — commencement of work for relocation of the Izhora saw mill to the place of modern Izhorskiye Zavody location according to the Decree of Peter I dated May 22, 1719.

1803 — commencement of fundamental reconstruction of the Admiralty Izhorskiye Zavody according to the Decree of Alexander I

1813 — production of the first Russian steam dredger of 15 h.p. capacity

1862 — construction of the first iron steam ship called “Mechanic”

1866 — the first armour plate of 170 pounds weight was rolled

1899 — launch of Krupp armour production

1908 — Izhorskiye Zavody were granted a right to their own flag under the decree of Emperor Nicolay II

1919 — the first Russian heavy tank produced involving the Izhorskiye Zavody workers

1931 — the first Soviet blooming mill was made within the record-breaking time (9 months and 27 days)

1941 —workers of Izhorskiye Zavody produced more than 6000 armoured units and 6 heavy units of shipbuilding armour, 290 fire units, over 40 armoured command and observation posts and installed over 3000 armour barriers, sank 67 tank towers in the ground

1942 — pipes produced at the Izhorskiye Zavody were used for the pipeline laid on the Ladoga lake bottom to supply fuel to the sieged Leningrad; established production of "Katyusha" and "Andryusha" type rockets; shields for 37-millimetric antiaircraft guns

1953 — autoclaves being the first products for the "Great Chemistry" extensive program were produced

1958 — commencement of mining shovels production at the plant and development of nuclear mechanical engineering

1971 — the first set of equipment for commercial reactor plant VVER-440 was made

1979 — birthday of the first set of equipment for the nuclear power plant of one million kilowatts capacity (VVER-1000) intended for the fifth block of the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant;

1985 — the first ingot was rolled at 5000 Plate Rolling Mill; 360-tonn ingot was cast;

1988 — a giant ingot weighing 420 tons was cast;

1998 — Izhorskiye Zavody were incorporated into the largest Russian corporation called "United Heavy Machinery (Uralmash-Izhora Group)”

2001 — two VER-1000 reactor vessels shipped for “Bushehr” NPP (Iran) and “Tianwan” NPP (Unit 1, China)

2005 — the first and the second vessels of VVER-1000 nuclear reactors for the first stage of Indian nuclear power plant "Kudankulam" shipped

2009 — DSP-120 heavy-duty steelmaking complex of the last generation commissioned in metallurgical production facility having capacity of over 250 thousand tons of special steels per year

2010 — completion of production and shipment of 2 hydrocracker reactors made under the order from JSC TANEKO for oil refineries under construction in the city of Nizhnekamsk. Hydrocracker reactors are unique products: diameter is more than 5 meters, length is 35 meters, vessel wall thickness is 295 mm. Weight of each reactor is above 1200 tons.

2011 — Izhorskiye Zavody shipped a VVER-1200 reactor vessel for the Novovoronezh NPP-2. VVER-1200 reactor system for NVAES-2 is a pilot plant for NPP-2006 Project and is referred to the most up-to-date generation III +.

2012— Izhorskiye Zavody completed fabrication and delivered to the customer – Tuapse Refinery , six heavy-weight bulk-capacity vessels designed for high-level processing of oil and production of Euro-5 premium fuel. Total weight of the equipment shipped amounted to 5 thousand tons. Altogether, in 2012 IZ shipped 10 heavy vessels for refineries and petrochemical industry and nuclear reactor vessel VVER-1200 for Leningrad NPP.